Sounders vs. LA Galaxy: The Final 90

Yesterday Brad and I set up at Qwest Field for the final home game of the season against LA Galaxy. It was a bittersweet moment with the people who've gone from fans to friends over the past 14 matches this season. We took a photo, because we want the moment to last.

To Dianna, Patti, Lisa, Amy, Todd, Jared, Duffy, Jim, Ed, Keri, Doug, Mike, and countless others who made our matchday each week, thank you. And, yes, we recognized you even under those clever Halloween costumes.

Todd Cowles from Woodinville gets out the vote for Kasey Keller.

Mari Imperio shows off her Halloween Sounders spirit by dressing up as the Puget Sound. Can you spot the sea-urchin?

We'd love to see you with your collection of "I know I am. I'm sure I am." Sounders FC Fan photos. If you've got them filling out the edges of your Sounders shrine or decorating a bedside lamp, tag us in a picture on Facebook or on Twitter at @PEMCO_NW. We'll send you a $5 Tully's gift card!

Keep those scarves up and cheer on the Sounders as they take on the LA Galaxy in Los Angeles next Sunday!


by  WALLY Team



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