Snapchat blamed for teen driver’s 107 mph crash

An Atlanta-area teen is being sued for negligence in a crash that was allegedly caused in part by Snapchat. The teen even used Snapchat following the crash to snap a shot in the emergency vehicle with the caption: "Lucky to be alive." 

The couple who was hit by the teen driver also is suing Snapchat. The photo and videosharing app features a filter that allows users to record and “snap” their miles-per-hour. While runners or bicyclists could use the filter to highlight their fitness feats, others are using the app dangerously to see just how fast they can go.

The couple holds Snapchat partially responsible since it didn't delete the miles-per-hour filter after other accidents were reported (before the couple's September 2015 crash).

Stories like this one from Atlanta show that distractions are growing from a simple glance to a screen, to writing captions, capturing videos, and competing with one another for social media fame.

For some parents out there, you might not even be aware of the apps that compete for a teen’s attention, tempting them to stay hyper-connected to their social circles.

Read our tips to block the noise for ideas on how to limit app distractions, and remember not to add to the noise by texting or calling teens when you know they’re on the road.

by  Sharlyn Petit



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