Seahawk proclaims that Sasquatch is a 12

Have you ever wondered, which NFL team do sasquatches cheer for?
   We have the answer!
   No, not the Bears. In their natural habitat, bears and sasquatches are enemies, competing for berries, salmon, and secret lairs.
   Probably not the Vikings, known to be hunters as well as pillagers.
   Definitely not the Rams, which likely wreak havoc on sasquatches’ shins and kneecaps.
   My guess is, sasquatches relate best with the Giants or the Titans.
   But today, ex-Seahawk Joe Tafoya (2005 Super Bowl team) came to PEMCO and revealed that sasquatches like to cheer for Seattle. As proof, he wore a shirt proclaiming, “Bigfoot is a 12.”
   Tafoya was here to raise PEMCO’s giant 12th Man flag. I admired Joe’s shirt and learned that it came from Lady 12s, a company owned and run by Joe and his wife Brandelyn. Lady 12s sells Seahawks fanwear for men, women, and kids – from guys’ hoodies and T-shirts to women's curvy tees, leggings, beanies, and sweatpants.
   Tafoya seems like a personable, good guy, and I thought so even after learning he was part of the 1998 Arizona team that upset my beloved Huskies 31-28. Remember Ortege Jenkins front-flipping into the end zone at Husky Stadium as time expired? Tafoya was a Wildcat defensive lineman on that team. That loss marked the beginning of the end for UW coach Jim Lambright, while Arizona went on to finish 12-1.
  Today, 10 employees got to join Tafoya on our roof for the flag-raising.
   PEMCO is teeming with 12s who don Seahawks colors every Blue Friday. Last year we got to raise our 12 flag before two playoff wins and a Super Bowl victory.
   Here’s hoping we repeat that pattern. Two Super Bowls in a row.
   Go Hawks!

by  Jon Osterberg



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