Scared senseless at the Nightmare at Beaver Lake

The WALLY bears prepared for a spooky nightIt was a dark and stormy night as the PEMCO brand ambassadors headed to the haunted woods surrounding Beaver Lake in Sammamish. The pouring rain and echo of thunder set the eerie mood as WALLY crept along the gravel trail to our final destination, the Nightmare at Beaver Lake.

We set up shop next to the massive indoor and outdoor haunted trail and were a little spooked as we anxiously anticipated the varying emotions of those exiting the Nightmare.

Suddenly, a loud shriek broke the silence.  I felt as if someone dumped ice water down my back.  More and more screams started coming out of the woods.  This was it, we told ourselves this is what we have been preparing for.  It was a chorus line of terror.  A group of scared teens came bursting out of the darkness running towards us.

We were there to capture the raw and sometimes horrified emotions of the heroic after they braved the haunted course. We had a few frights ourselves from the creative costumes of our guests that made their way over to WALLY.

One bunch of Nightmare survivors

We had a great time swapping ghost stories and Northwest tales with the spooky folk of Sammamish. We hope everyone who joined us slept soundly this weekend and has a safe and happy Halloween!

by  Elliott Nicholas



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