Power lines could tower over Oregon Trail

A section of the Oregon Trail east of Baker City could be bisected by high-voltage power lines, unless an 81-year-old Bend man succeeds in stopping it.
     Gail Carbiener says he’s walked every step of that trail and wants people to be able to see “the same thing that immigrants saw,” according to the Baker City Herald.
     Idaho Power proposes a 500-kilovolt line stretched atop 195-foot-tall towers, stretching from Boardman to Hemingway, which is near Melba, Idaho. The proposed route runs near the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center just east of Baker City.
     Carbiener thinks the high power line would be an eyesore, and an environmental attorney said there’s a better way, perhaps running the lines along Interstate 84, or burying it. Read the Baker City Herald article.

by  Jon Osterberg



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