Plan an ‘end of summer weather’ outing

While the Puyallup Fair draws its usual huge post-Labor Day crowds, you could plan a mellower alternative. Here are some fun “last fling of summer weather” events coming up.
     The Central Washington Fair in sunny Yakima kicks off the fall season Sept. 21–30. Besides food and displays, you can hear classic artists like 38 Special, Rick Springfield, and the Charlie Daniels Band. Leavenworth hosts the Autumn Leaf Festival Sept. 28–30 and Oktoberfest for three weekends in October.
     Chelan typically basks in near-70° weather for Mahogany and Merlot, held Oct. 6–7. Visitors can sip wine, watch more than 20 vintage hydroplanes from the 1950s-60s roar around the lake, and gawk at gorgeously restored antique wooden boats like Chris-Crafts and Centurys.

by  Jon Osterberg



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