Photo busts Oregon thief who sold stolen car

A Vancouver, Wash., couple lost $5,900 buying a stolen car last year. But now, they at least know police have jailed the thief.
   Dale and Stephanie met a Portland man at a Jantzen Beach parking lot in October to check out his Scion. They liked it, handed over $5,800 in cash, and got the keys to their dream car and a title in return. Stephanie snapped a photo of the happy transaction.
   They paid $100 to get the Scion detailed, then went to license it. That’s when they learned the car was stolen and the title wasn’t original.
   Police confiscated the car.
   Recently, after Crime Stoppers of Oregon circulated Stephanie’s photo of the transaction, a tipster recognized the seller and ratted him out. Police arrested a 22-year-old Portland man on eight felony charges, including possession of a stolen vehicle, trafficking, and identity theft.
   Read The Oregonian article to learn how the photograph solved the case.

by  Jon Osterberg



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