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Northwest Profiles: They live among us!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013by  Kerri Kobara

As a Northwest native, I’ve always found it fun and entertaining to spot PEMCO’s quirky and unique Northwest Profiles in my neighborhood. My friend is a Sandals & Socks Guy, for example; I go to school with a couple of Supercharged Seahawks Fans, and just learned my coworker is an Urban Chicken Farmer. The other day, I had an epiphany: I LIVE with a Northwest Profile – my stepmother is a Relentless Recycler

The clues have always been there, but I didn’t put it all together until I came back to Seattle for my summer internship. It’s very clear that my stepmother has wholeheartedly embraced Seattle’s strict recycling rules.                            

We have a large recycling bin for plastic, paper, etc.; a separate compost bin; and a much smaller container for garbage. There’s even a chart glued to the side of the fridge that explains what goes where. I think it’s there largely for my benefit – I once accidently put a paper towel in the garbage, rather than the compost bin… And oh boy, did I get a lecture. I also once tried to use a plastic bag in her house…That was the last time I ever did that, too.

The rest of my family and I love her passion for recycling; we’re just still working on making it a habit. She’s tried almost everything to get us on board – constantly reminding us (which is helpful), educating us (I now know all about composting), and even threatening to put up cameras to see who in the family is recycling correctly, and who isn’t. (Was she joking? Probably not, although I do wonder if she’d really want to waste the electricity….hmmmm.) Let’s just say I’m getting the hang of recycling now.

What about you – are you a Northwest Profile, or are you maybe living with one? You can find out by browsing the online gallery of all the profiles here.

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