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Kent-bound chickens left rotting in semitruck

Friday, September 26, 2014by  Jon Osterberg

A tractor-trailer loaded with 37,000 pounds of frozen chicken has been found abandoned west of Missoula, with its cargo rotting amidst a cloud of flies.
   The truck’s driver, apparently disgruntled over his pay, ditched the rig there a month or so ago. He had picked up the chicken in Arkansas on Aug. 20 and was scheduled to deliver it in Kent the next day.
   Today, with the semitrailer’s refrigerator conked out because its fuel is gone, rancid chicken juice oozed out the back doors and onto the sun-baked pavement. Police are searching for the truck’s 42-year-old driver.
   Health officials want the chicken buried in a landfill as soon as possible. Read the Missoulian story.

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