Incredible shrinking boomers not sci-fi

Hey, those of you who grew up with black & white TV. Yeah, you – the one who used to dial, not tap, numbers on your phone.
   Have you measured your height lately? Are you all of what you used to be?
   Most baby boomers are shrinking, say doctors in Spokane. Because of normal wear, the spine gradually compresses as we age. Most people lose up to an inch and a half in height over their lifetimes.
   It happens to everybody, starting in your 40s. Boomers, do you swear your parents looked taller when you were young? That’s because they probably were.
   Many factors cause shrinkage, including discs that flatten, vertebrae that settle, and muscles that lose mass and tone.
   Exercise can help offset it, but ultimately, some shrinkage is inevitable. Gravity wins in the end. Read the Spokesman-Review article.

by  Jon Osterberg



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