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Halloween Pumpkin Bash at Woodland Park Zoo

Wednesday, November 2, 2011by  WALLY Team

Halloween is known for ghouls, ghosts and guts. However, the Woodland Park Zoo Pumpkin Bash this past Saturday was anything but gory. In fact, it was nothing short of adorable.

The annual event puts carved pumpkins before a number of animals including hippos, elephants, meerkats and wolves, letting them explore, taste and bash the holiday squash, hence the name of the event.

The WALLY van was set up along the Pumpkin Promenade where we took pictures of the children in their costumes and handed out candy.

A cowgirl stops by the PEMCO booth

We saw princesses of all kinds: Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Mulan, the list goes on and on. The boys favored ninja suits and Iron Man costumes. For little ones, monkeys and butterflies were the number one choice. 

A menacing young Wolverine puts his claws on display

A fireman poses with Tigger

These two were monkeying around

Sherlock Holmes will probably be using his detective skills to uncover Batman's secret candy trove

A couple of young pups pose for a photo

Instead of leaving the event with looks of terror on our faces, we left with ear-to-ear grins after spending hours with the cutest kids in Seattle. It definitely made our Halloween weekend one to remember!

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