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Good Day, Oregon! PEMCO Makes Dallas Summerfest Debut

Monday, August 1, 2011by  WALLY Team

Oregon welcomed PEMCO and the brand ambassadors with open arms this weekend as we explored the Mid-Willamette Valley and went "Under the Sea" at Dallas Summerfest in Dallas, Oregon.

While Dallas may be a smaller town just west of the state's capital, its festival was overflowing with an array of entertainment including a parade, local food, live blues, helicopter rides, a car show and more.

One of the many blues bands that got people moving at the Dallas Summerfest

The PEMCO Brand Ambassadors made more than a few new friends at Dallas Summerfest. Pictured here is Officer Rod Dunham
of the Dallas Police Department

On the road home, WALLY got its first glimpse of the Oregon Coast, and we couldn't resist the temptation stop along the way and meet some local beach bums (sans goosebumps!) enjoying the sunny coastal day.

After a weekend of Oregon immersion, the brand ambassadors got to thinking about some of our favorite potential Northwest Profiles suggested by many of our new Oregonian friends.

  • The "Keep Portland Weird" Enthusiast: With all its quirks, PDX natives pride themselves on the city's unique character. For example, take the bacon maple bar from local eatery Voodoo Donuts, the zombie walks and the massive pillow fights. This Northwest city is just plain weird.  
  • Civil War Revisionist: The heated Oregon-Oregon State rivalry has managed to stand the test of time --114 years to be exact. That makes it the nation's seventh-oldest college rivalry. Should Oregon lose the game, its fans will quickly point out that they still own the better head-to-head record. And if Oregon State loses, well, the Beavers won the first-ever Civil War, so there!
  • The Eugene Tie-Dye Devotee: Many see tie-dye as a staple to any Pacific Northwest native's wardrobe, but it seems to play a particularly prominent role in Eugene fashion. The tie-dye look also is a perfect companion to our favorite Northwest fashion trend: the socks and sandals combo.

Some see Oregon and Washington as being one and the same, but if you're native to the region, you know there are plenty of differences. Yet both states exude a strong sense of Pacific Northwest pride....and an affinity for questionable fashion sense! 

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