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Fix your chipped windshield before a freeze

Monday, September 28, 2015by  Jon Osterberg

Today I stepped outside into a clear but crisp, chilly morning. Time is running short to complete fall chores, the kind that will bite you if you procrastinate.
     Chores like disconnecting garden hoses from the faucet, before they freeze and crack your pipes. Chores like draining water from trailer boats and RVs stored outside.
     Chores like getting that windshield ding fixed before the first freeze widens it into a crack.
     I put off fixing my windshield a few years ago. A truck kicked up a rock that chipped the glass just below eye level, and I delayed getting it repaired all spring and summer. That was silly, because my insurance covers a trip to Speedy or Novus for a quick repair, with no deductible.
     Then came the first fall morning after a hard freeze. I started my car and let it warm up to running temperature, then cranked the defroster on high.
     CRACK! The hot air hit that cold glass and turned my little ding into a 10-inch crack. It eventually spanned half the windshield. Instead of a quick repair, I had to replace the entire windshield, which cost me a few bucks.
     Save yourself hassle and money. Take care of those fall tasks now, before the first freeze.

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personPatricia Anderson03/02/2016 05:33 AM
I had no idea that the winter air could turn a chip on a windshield into a crack. It can be really dangerous driving with a crack on your windshield especially if it happened over night due to frost. Right now we are heading into spring but if I ever do get a little ding on my automotive glass I will replace or fix it before it gets cold.

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