12th men and women storm Badger Mountain

badger mountainSeahawk fans in the Tri-Cities proved last weekend that the team belongs to more than just Seattle.

Nearly 600 passionate 12th men and women climbed up 1,579-foot Badger Mountain, between South Richland and I-82, on Saturday to stage a Seahawks rally on top.

"I don't think any place has organized this many people at one time" for a Seahawks rally, event organizer James Gojenola told KNDU-TV.

12th man flag Television video shows hundreds of blue-and-green clad Seahawks fans hiking single file up the Badger Mountain trail on a chilly, cloudy day. Ben Franklin Transit offered free bus rides to the trailhead.

The official name of the event: 12th Man Badger Mountain Hike.

by  Jon Osterberg



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