Windstorm resources

This week’s storms are hitting our region hard. In the aftermath, we’re here to help!

You can report a claim 24/7:

1‑800‑go‑pemco (1‑800‑467‑3626).

Report a claim through your online account

Email us using our secure online form

After the windstorm:

  • Be alert for downed power lines and stay away if you find one.
  • As soon as you can do so safely, assess and record the damage to your property. Document it with pictures and/or video, if at all possible. In particular, look around your property for toppling trees, falling fences and other hazards.
  • If a tree falls on your home or another structure, don't remove it while winds are gusting. Wait till winds die down, and use extreme caution. Better yet, call a tree-removal company.
  • If you lose power, DO NOT use a camp stove, barbecue, or gas lantern in the house. Use them outdoors only to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Likewise, never use an electric generator indoors.
tree falling on house